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bbc america and the food network

bbc america and the food network

will do this to you. not to mention the travel channel. i’ve become addicted to the bbc show you are what you eat with nutritionist gillian mckeith. it’s a makeover show, in a sense: gillian comes to your house, raids your pantry, throws away all the junk, shows you on one table all the crap you eat in a week (mounds of beige food – fried everything and white bread, ew), and gives you a new healthy diet to follow. and amped-up exercise as well.

now, i’m reasonably fit, but seeing those week-in-a-glance tables of really bad food made me think. gillian’s recipes are easy to follow, and easy to modify. not to mention, packed with nutrition.

so. this is a marinated salmon, with roasted vegetables over whole wheat pasta. the veg was the easiest part, i put asparagus into a pan with some olive oil, oven at 300, five minutes later i added about four or five cloves of garlic (crushed), ten minutes later i added sliced baby portabella mushrooms, another ten or fifteen minutes and in goes the bifurcated cherry tomatoes. finally, right before serving, i tossed in fresh chopped basil and parsley. a little salt and pepper to taste. makes it’s own sauce!

yum, yum, and YUM. i love to cook. i’m addicted to gillian mckeith, alton brown, gordon ramsay (all of his shows), and anthony bourdain. damn. that’s four different networks and a hell of a lot of tv. alton brown has three shows, too.

i was too hungry to take a good shot. but i wanted to commemorate my first fish. i didn’t start eating fish (shellfish excluded) until i was 28, so i never really learned how to cook it. it turned out pretty damn fabulous, i must say.

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Healthy Recipe: Basic Pasta Recipe

Healthy Recipe: Basic Pasta Recipe

To make an good and lasting impression regardless if it’s a potluck or a dinner party at home, you need not spend too much nor slave in the kitchen for hours. Go for health! But to ensure that you’ll be invited to future parties or have guests in your succeeding gatherings, make sure that your dishes are delicious!…

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Food in Bhutan

Food in Bhutan

Just like the many different landscapes, Bhutanese cuisine is just as varied and splendid and every region knows its own speciality. Dairy foods, in particular butter and cheese from yaks and cows, are very popular. A lot of meat and poultry like chicken, pork, beef, goat, mutton and yak is consumed, as well as fish. These are usually served in the form of stews (tshoem), with in it a wide variety of fresh vegetables and spices like cardamom, ginger, caraway and turmeric. All meals are accompanied by white rice (ha chum) or pink-red rice (eue chum), which is steamed or boiled. Besides rice also buckwheat and maize are used.
If there’s one thing typical for Bhutanese cuisine, it is that the Bhutanese love it spicy! Chillies are not considered to be a seasoning, but a true and valuable vegetable. Therefore traditional Bhutanese food is lavishly spiced with dried or fresh red and green chillies. How can it be any other way than that Bhutan’s favorite ingredient is processed in its national dish? While in Bhutan, you ought to try the national dish ofEma-Datsi, consisting of ema (chilli) cooked in datsi (cheese). Everybody has their own interpretations of this recipe and it will excite your senses for sure!
If you don’t like it so spicy, don’t be worried. Most of Bhutan’s professional chefs take into account the Western less spicy taste. You can choose from Continental to Chinese, and from Bhutanese to Tibetan and Indian cuisine. Most hotels offer dinner in buffet style.
Although (sweet milk) tea is a popular beverage in Bhutan, most people prefer Sura. This saltered butter tea is served on all social occasions. Regarding water, you should better not drink tap water, but choose mineral water. During trekkings the water is boiled and therefore safe to drink. Regarding alcohol, the chang (local beer) and arra (a spirit distilled from rice, maize, wheat or barley) are common and very much favored. They are easily available in bars, exept on Tuesday (dry day). The legal drinking age is 18 years and above. Doma(betel nut) is offered as a customary gesture of greeting. Since 2004 Bhutan is the world’s only country where public smoking is prohibited. If you’re a smoker, you’re allowed however to import tobacco to use indoors, but you have to pay an import tax of 100%.
Tip: when you’re offered food, you can say “meshu meshu“, covering your mouth with the hands in refusal according to Bhutanese manners, and then give in on the second or third offer.

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Toasted Cheese Sandwich (04)

Toasted Cheese Sandwich (04)

Slice the cheese into thin strips.

A toasted cheese open-faced sandwich. Made with Sottocenera, an unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese, speckled with truffles, wrapped with a cinnamon-spiced ash rind. Imported from Veneto, Italy.

Step 7: Done!
Step 6.
Step 5.
Step 4.
Step 3.
Step 2.
Step 1.

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WW Tuscan Chicken w/ Parmesan Fettuccine

WW Tuscan Chicken w/ Parmesan Fettuccine

"Tuscan Chicken" and (spinach-less) "Spinach-Parmesan Fettuccine" from Weight Watchers’ Five Ingredient 15 Minute Recipes cookbook (Oxmoor House, 2008). While not actually fifteen-minute recipes, they were both simple and delicious!

WW Points? Chicken = 5 (Core) & Fettuccine = 3

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